Saturday, June 27, 2009

Workshop Christi Friessen

I was very fortunate to attend the workshops that Christi Friessen was teaching here in Sydney at 2 bead or not 2 bead at Penrith. I had heard what a fun lady she is and everything I had heard about her was true! A lovely generous woman with an encouraging word for everyone. I think she is a great ambassador for Polymer Clay.
2 bead or not 2 bead is also one of the most beautiful beading shops I have EVER walked into. Congratulations Lenore for stocking some of the most unusual beads I have ever seen.

Here is the Calala Lily we made on the left and my steampunk turtle on the right and above left is the peacock we made.


  1. Stunning works! It is also my dream - to attend a class with Christi :)

  2. Hi Maria
    Love your Christie work the bird so beautiful and like the steampunk turtle too.
    I knew she was coming but would have had to go to Brisbane from Nth Qld ,but have 3 of her books and she is just as funny in them.
    I do the fish but am going to do the birds soon, as you say she is a great ambassador for Poly clay. bye
    Elizabeth XXX

  3. Hey Elizabeth,
    She will be coming to Australia next year she says,so definately worth a trip if you have the chance! I bought all of her books from her and they really arte alot of fun!