Thursday, February 26, 2009

New tennants in the tree

If you read one of my previous posts,you will remember that a possum found a place to rest in our tree just by our bedroom. Well today,whilst busily making a fascinator (hat) I heard some squaking from our tree.ran out only to find two lorikeets feeding their young in the tree. You cannot see the babies in the photo,they are deep within the hole,but mum and dad are there!
Will have to start charging rent for these noisy tennants!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfires in Victoria

Australia is in shock and mourning with the recent devastating bushfires in Victoria. 180 people are so far confirmed lost to us,and the numbers are likely to grow. There are 5000 people now homeless as a result too. The people of Australia have been incredibly generous in supporting there fellow Australians and donating money, clothes,blankets,goods and volunteering their skills to help rebuild these peoples lives.
I pray for all of these people and hope that they can only find some comfort in the generous spirit of the rest of Australia.
We have also been saddened at the loss of wildlife and again, Australians have rescued injured little creatures and helped them to recover.
If you too would like to support the bushfire victims,please log on to and see what you can do to help.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well the temerature here is rising and we are all swealtering in the heat. Our dog,who normally spends her days chasing birds and jumping to see the possum in the tree,is laying on her bed,too exhausted to annoy any of the backyard creatures. I knew she was off the boil when one of the "butcher birds" managed to inspect the balcony without poor old roxy lifting her head.
The cockatoo's have also stayed away during the heat,they must have found a cooler place to go and skquack. I dont mind,they carry on so when I am in the yard hanging out the washing. Birds are quite terratorial I have learned!
We live not far from a river and at night when all is peaceful,apart from the cicadas,We can hear the fish jumping out of the water to land a feast of insects which hover over the river.
It is amazing how all creatures,big and small are affected by the weather.
I sit inside where I am cool and use the heat as a brilliant excuse for not cooking...who wants the house heated up by the stove? I also use the heat as an excuse for not getting any work done...who can work in this heat I say as I look outdoors and see the guy accross the road mowing his lawn.
Australia,such a diverse land. Tomorrow I will probably need a jumper!