Friday, January 23, 2009

Australian Wildlife in my backyard

I am very fortunate to live in a part of Sydney where the animal wild life is prolific. My backyard is home to families of rosella's,cockatoos and lorickeets. We also have a number of reptile creatures,blue tongue lizards in particular. But the most amazing creature sleeps during the day in our big gum tree,which is adjacent to the upstairs balcony.This possum is extremely noisy at night,when he/she runs accross our roof to have possum parties!
It is a fabulous environment and I feel very priveldged to share this place with them all.
See the photo below.

Why Polymer?

I started "playing" with polymer 3 years ago.
As far back as I can remember I've made stuff! When I was 12 years of age, I remember drawing up plans for a cubby house in our backyard. It was going to be grand,I had ven drawn a kitchen into the plan. Needless to say,that particular project didnt eventuate.
I have had a go at most things,folk art, sewing,knitting,crochet,gardening,millinery, beadweaving, applique,general crafts and jewellery design.
One day I saw an article in a bead and button magazine for a polymer design and thought it was an interesting medium. I went to our local craft supplier in Sydney and bought a block of Fimo and well....started to play.From here my interest soon became my obsession!
It is truly a great art form to work with. It is so versatile and its possibilities are truly endless!
I now have an area in my home (the dungeon) dedicated to my polymer and other design pursuits. My aim is to one day have a room for myself,where I will have a window and natural light.
This brings me to another piece of information about me..I have 4 grown children all at home. I love them dearly,but I wont watse any time moving my stuff into their vacant bedrooms!
I bought a fabulous fridge magnet,that sums it up....

" I kid proofed the house, but they are still getting in!"