Thursday, February 26, 2009

New tennants in the tree

If you read one of my previous posts,you will remember that a possum found a place to rest in our tree just by our bedroom. Well today,whilst busily making a fascinator (hat) I heard some squaking from our tree.ran out only to find two lorikeets feeding their young in the tree. You cannot see the babies in the photo,they are deep within the hole,but mum and dad are there!
Will have to start charging rent for these noisy tennants!


  1. This sounds like a fairy tale, it makes me dream of a house like that.

  2. haha squash!
    It is pretty special.I think that if you live near any bushland in Australia you will have contact with Australian wildlife.
    Are you in the city? Hope you are well.

  3. How wonderful can that be- to live near a bushland...
    Yeah, I live in a block of flats in the old dirty&dusty Bucharest. My only pets are the pigeons I feed outside my kitchen window.
    Hopefully we'll move out in a house in a few months and even though there are no possums in here, we'll have a cat, a dog and a bird bath.
    It's so good to live amidst beautiful nature.

  4. Oh that will be exciting for you to move into a house and to have the animals you would like to have.I think we need to have beauty around us, it kind of feeds our soul.Thats probably why you enjoy being creative! I live in Sydney,but in the suburbs and we are not far from a National Park.I love watching the birds especially,the two lorikeets in this photo are always in out tree and rubbing their beaks together,it looks like they are kissing sometimes!