Friday, January 23, 2009

Why Polymer?

I started "playing" with polymer 3 years ago.
As far back as I can remember I've made stuff! When I was 12 years of age, I remember drawing up plans for a cubby house in our backyard. It was going to be grand,I had ven drawn a kitchen into the plan. Needless to say,that particular project didnt eventuate.
I have had a go at most things,folk art, sewing,knitting,crochet,gardening,millinery, beadweaving, applique,general crafts and jewellery design.
One day I saw an article in a bead and button magazine for a polymer design and thought it was an interesting medium. I went to our local craft supplier in Sydney and bought a block of Fimo and well....started to play.From here my interest soon became my obsession!
It is truly a great art form to work with. It is so versatile and its possibilities are truly endless!
I now have an area in my home (the dungeon) dedicated to my polymer and other design pursuits. My aim is to one day have a room for myself,where I will have a window and natural light.
This brings me to another piece of information about me..I have 4 grown children all at home. I love them dearly,but I wont watse any time moving my stuff into their vacant bedrooms!
I bought a fabulous fridge magnet,that sums it up....

" I kid proofed the house, but they are still getting in!"

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